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["Pamphlet.  Also includes: Rules governing conduct of prisoners on parole.  Issued by: \"Albert B. White, Governor, Executive Chamber, Charleston, W. Va., May 12, 1903.\" "]
["<p> Pamphlet. "Printed for distribution by the Department of Free Schools."</p>"]
["Pamphlet.  \"Democratic and Republican Government Compared--Indisputable Facts and Figures from the Last Decade of the Two Parties--Every Issue Fully Discussed.\" "]
["<p> Pamphlet.<br /> <br />  </p>"]
[" Pamphlet. Cover title: Manual of the library containing descriptive information and a few suggestions. Issued as: West Virginia University Library. Publication 1.<br /> "]
["Pamphlet.  Cover title.  "]
["&lt;p&gt; Photocopy of pamphlet.&lt;br /&gt; &lt;br /&gt;  &lt;/p&gt;"]
["&lt;p&gt; Event program.&lt;/p&gt;"]
["&lt;p&gt; Pamphlet.&lt;br /&gt; &lt;br /&gt;  &lt;/p&gt;"]
["&lt;p&gt; Pamphlet.&lt;/p&gt;"]
["Pamphlet.  \"&lt;em&gt;Wheeling Register &lt;/em&gt;of Saturday, March 11, 1882.\""]
["&lt;p&gt; Pamphlet.&lt;br /&gt;  &lt;/p&gt;"]
["Event invitation. Invitation extended by: \"J.A. Springer, President District No. 17, United Mine Workers of America, Flemington W. Va., Clark Johnson, Secretary District No. 17, United Mine Workers of America, Montgomery, W. Va.\""]
[" Pamphlet."]
["&lt;p&gt; Pamphlet.  At head of title: Doc. No. XXII.&lt;/p&gt;"]
["&lt;p&gt; Pamphlet.  Dance card.&lt;/p&gt;"]
[" Brochure."]
["&lt;p&gt; Government document.  At head of title: 63d Congress, 2d Session. Senate. Report no. 321.&lt;/p&gt;"]
["&lt;p&gt; Event announcement.&lt;/p&gt;"]
["&lt;p&gt; Leaflet.&lt;/p&gt;"]