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["Pamphlet.  \"By Rev. William F. Hamilton, of Uniontown, Pa.  Morgantown, Va., printed at the book and job office of the Virginia Weekly Star, 1857.\""]
["<p> Pamphlet. On cover: "What will be the effect of these words in our State Constitution if the Susan B. Anthony amendment becomes part of the Federal Constitution?"</p>"]
["Pamphlet. "]
["Serial.  Printed Ephemera Collection has: 5th (1875:Mar.11th)."]
["<p> Serial.  Printed Ephemera Collection has:  1st (1910).</p>"]
["<p> Serial. Printed Ephemera Collection has: 1904/1906. Report year begins Oct. 1.</p>"]
["<p> Leaflet.  " College prepares to take care of largest number of students in its history …"</p>"]
["<p> Pamphlet.</p>"]
["<p> Catalog.</p>"]
["<p> Calendar.</p>"]