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["<p> Monograph.</p>"]
["<p> Pamphlet.<br /> <br />  </p>"]
["<p> Photocopy of pamphlet.<br /> <br />  </p>"]
["<p> Pamphlet.</p>"]
["<p> Pamphlet. Club organized January 21, 1895, for the purposes of: "first, the maintenance of a club for innocent and athletic sports; Second, the mantenance [sic] of a Club for social enjoyments and a reading room."</p>"]
["<p> Event program. Program for the Thursday, November 12 performance of "Lovers' Lane"; program lacks statement of year of performance.</p>"]
["Print copies of digital scans of leaflet. "]
["<p> Tearout from monograph?  Includes three printed letters on pages (numbered 89-104) which appear to have been removed from a monograph. Running title on pages: <em>Early Education in Western Virginia</em>. Includes an undated letter from Mr. J. S. Shaffer, Aurora, W.Va.; an undated letter from Prof. John G. Gittings, Clarksburg, W.Va.; and an undated letter from Mrs. David W. Swisher, South Branch, Hampshire Co., W. Va.</p>"]
["<p> Pamphlet.</p>"]
["<p> Pamphlet. "The Road Commissioners are to assign road tax... to report all persons liable to work on public roads, who are not assigned to some Surveyor appointed since October 1st, 1881", p.5.</p>"]