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["<p> Pamphlet.  "Passed December 22d, 1873: Amended March 1st, 1877."  "Charleston : Kanawha Gazette Print., 1877."</p>"]
["Event program. "]
["<p> Pamphlet.  "Passed February 10, 1862."</p>"]
["<p> Pamphlet.  "[Printed by order of the Republican State Executive Committee.], W. J. W. Cowden, Chair'n, O G. Scofield, Secretary."</p>"]
["<p> Pamphlet. "Daily Intelligencer print., cor. Quincy and Main Sts., Wheeling."</p>"]
["Pamphlet.  At head of title: [Doc. No. 1.].  \"F. H. Peirpont. Wheeling, Va., Dec.2, 1861.\""]
["<p> Event program.</p>"]
["<p> Monograph.  "Compiled and revised under order of Council."</p>"]
["<p> Serial.  Printed Ephemera Collection has: v.1:no.9 (1827:Feb.).  Issue for Feb. 1827 includes: Sermons XI. & XII. The Benefit of Afflictions, by John Matthews, D. D., Shepherdstown, Virginia.</p>"]
["<p> Pamphlet.</p>"]